Friday, October 09, 2009

Good News: Teplok Ebook is Ready To Download! Yaaayyy!

Who has not dream to make a blog to be a book? and we do.We try to serve you more and more and now we launch our newest feature.

Once again we innovate ourselves by making Teplok pdf ebook. This Ebook is different than the newspaper form we made several days ago, this is designed to be real ebook with whole contents in Teplok Blog.

Completed with pictures it seems to be so interesting to read. All 138 pages in this ebook contains so many good news and some music tracklist (this is because we serve on music download we posted months ago, some is followed by download link). It will let you read more previous good news with 138 total pages than the Teplok good newspaper that will let you read only for about 12 pages.

Up is the appearance you'll look in the ebook, is it so nice, isn't it? We made it for you, so download it and have fun!


  1. ok, i will download and read to be practice thanks

  2. aku odwnload plok, pasti akan berguna

  3. Wah buat e-book sendiri ya plok,mantabs nih,aq coba download ...

  4. @kang ocim, yesss you have to :)
    @mas doyok, ya ya ya pastinya :)
    @roomen, ya buku teplok lah...
    @mas acrom, iya, hasil ngehack, wkkwkwkwkwk
    @linda, sedooot behimat linda ae, hahaha

  5. Yuk sedot....jangan lupa klo mo belanja mampir kesini ya bro Laptop Computers Store

  6. Biarpun aq gak bisa bahasa inggris tapi aq ijin sedott yyaaaaaaaa... Makasih I Luph You Pullll


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