Monday, October 05, 2009

Good News: You Don't Need to be Online to Read Good News!

Do you not have much time to read Teplok Good News Magazine by online? or you want to print it out so you can read it anywhere and anytime? or you are feeling lazy to open Teplok Blog page by page? We know what you need.

Teplok is launching pdf ebook in newspaper form and design. This feature is powered by free pdf newspaper maker By Downloading Teplok as pdf in unique newspaper design it can make you easier to read all the good news offline. You don't need to open page by page to read all the previous good news you haven't read and by printing it out it can be as good as newspaper that you can read anytime and anywhere.

So, You won't have any reason to not read good news. Below is the link to download it. Have Fun Friends!


  1. duh dakyu gaptek...g ngeh beginian

  2. wah yang blum koment...skrng comment hehe,,

  3. isinya paan aja plok!!!

    jgn2 bom dari nurdin ni hehehe

  4. bangga gw jd pengunjung blog ini skg
    dah ada ni edisi offlinenya

  5. @miss ana, oke deeeh
    @linda, beh jua...
    @om tukdit, seeep
    @Kocim, isinya ya postingannya teplok bos
    @bang ocim, sya jadi terharu..hiks hiks...

  6. wah mau mau edisi off line na hehehhe

  7. Ijin download yach, penasaran nich sama isinya... I Luph U Pulll................ Thank you...


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