Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sukses Terbesar dalam Hidup Saya

Saya memiliki sebuah impian sederhana, tapi merupakan sesuatu yang besar dan berdampak jauh lebih baik bagi kehidupan. Selama ini, sepanjang kehidupan saya yang singkat saya habiskan untuk mengajak teman-teman agar mereka sering membaca. Bagi saya, menyaksikan orang lain membaca buku untuk menambah pengetahuannya adalah sebuah kebahagiaan yang luar biasa, apalagi ketika saya ketahui bahwa sebenarnya orang tersebut bukanlah tipikal seorang kutu buku. Keberhasilan membangkitkan minat membaca seseorang adalah impian besar saya, dan merupakan indikator kesuksesan saya. 

Selama ini saya berada dalam lingkungan yang menuntut perkembangan dan mengembangkan. Saya menemukan ada banyak sekali pemuda-pemuda potensial, mereka memiliki modal untuk bisa menjadi seorang pemimpin dengan kemampuan dan kepercayaan diri yang baik. Namun yang sangat disayangkan adalah bahwa mereka tidak gemar membaca, mereka hanya bermodalkan pengalaman yang minim dan mungkin pengetahuan-pengetahuan yang hanya didapat dari kegiatan keseharian. Ibarat perang, mereka tidak mencari senjata yang lebih canggih agar bisa menang dengan mudah.

Akan sangat disayangkan jika mereka tidak mengisi diri dengan membaca. Oleh karenanya pada setiap kesempatan saya bisa berdiskusi atau membawakan materi, hal yang terus menerus saya dorong adalah bahwa setiap orang harus banyak membaca, bukan untuk siapa-siapa, tapi untuk mereka, atau mereka akan berkembang dengan lambat. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What Happen to A General who Misreads The Map?

Once I told my lecturer that I had a surveyor position in my new company, it's really a suitable position for whom had been graduated from soil science department like me. He responded "Oh that's good, you're gonna know whole parts of plantation zone, you're gonna know it more than others"

Then he added "that's the first step to be a leader, somebody has to recognize the territory very well, so that he can set up strategies"

It knocked the thoughts inside my head, I never thought that way before. I always think that becoming a surveyor will always grow my skill, I can learn more and more, knowing things around as it's main function. But actually there is more than that, it is the main part of setting up strategies through the map.

And then I imagine about the ancient war, how they work to find the best strategy, then I arrive on a conclusion that a leader must be the one who knows totally about the territory, to find the best way to attack or which part to defend, to know where the enemy's position, what they have, their probability and etc. 

Now I know to become a surveyor/mapper not only to draw map on a paper, but to decide where the things should go. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Peat Land Model to Campaign Peat Conservation on Youth!

Peat land somehow contributes to the greenhouse gasses as it results some kind of emission gasses to the air. Peat land made by the accumulation of organic matter in saturated land with slow decomposition process, in soil taxonomy; peat land categorized as organosol as it contains more than 30% organic matters. The process when microorganism decompose the organic matter is the activity that will result more CO2, CH4 and another chemical compound to contribute to the air pollution.

 In Indonesia, Peat land called ‘Tanah Gambut'. Historically that name taken from a region in South Kalimantan which all the land almost covered by peat land itself, about a half hour trip away from my city. Many people live there and they exist from long ago as Gambut itself potentially used as agricultural area. Recently, through years Kec Gambut growing faster with so many development in it. Residences take over the land as real estates, people sell their land with a good price to stakeholders that want to get the profit from their business activity there. Does this land conversion have an impact to the peat land and environment? Yes it has. Explaining about it will take so many times and need to put so much literature about researches which have been done before. So I won’t explain too deeply about that.

I myself concern to the activity that will reduce the impact so I focus to the cause in social case. I wonder if the people who are living in Kec Gambut have enough knowledge about peat land they belong to beside its usage as farming land. Do they know about the negative impact peat land can bear if it’s unmanaged well? So let’s we start from here. The infrastructure development is running so fast in Gambut as this place has the main road that connects Banjarmasin and Banjarbaru which both are the biggest cities in South Kalimantan. It becomes a promising target for business stakeholders, between the cities you can find some real estates, even an apartments and amusement park such as water park and etc.

Land conversion is running wild, those who are used to be paddy fields now become building blocks; the place of luxury living. How about land conservation especially for peat land? It says that peat land with depth more than 2 meters is a conservation area that should not be managed, or, managed in very certain management system. We also learn that peat has main function as water-holder, it works like sponge that absorb the water around. Peat itself can absorb 10 times amount of water than its own mass. So we can see here that if we lose peat land, we will get a big amount of water that will cause flood to happen. Activity that will turn Kecamatan Gambut to be a metro city really gives contribution to this.

So what I’m gonna do? Based on the case above, I have an idea to spread the specific knowledge about gambut/peat soil to the people, as usual I concern to the youth who potentially will have long term impact. This project is aimed to make a massive awareness in the head of the people who live in Gambut about peat land; could it be dangerous or useful; the threat and the advantages; and all the best management they can do over the peat land. This project has the youth in Gambut as the target, specifically the high school students.


As I think the knowledge should be transferred in a good way, I and my team decide to create a simple peat land model. All the schools have planetarium, why don’t they have this- the thing that really shows what happening around them, the thing they are standing on-? This model will show the students about how peat land works and its function in a simple way and the threat that peat land will bear if it’s not managed well.

We will make 3 copies of this model and give them to 3 high schools located in Gambut. It works so simple and will be attached with the manual of the model. if the response good on this, we intend to make more copies and give to wider target. We also expect for funding, donation is really open for those who concern about the peat land environment.

Indonesia has a big amount of peat land, if planetarium is important in every school, so is this model to the region which has covered land by peat. 

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