Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Better to Drink Warm Water

Healthy drinking water is a vital commodity in life. It is needed daily, and is needed in sufficient quantity to replenish our bodies and keep us healthy.

Usually, we drink our water cold, but some believe there are benefits to drinking hot water. True, it does not cool us on hot summer days, but there may be other benefits.


Some believe that drinking hot water is much like going to a sauna. It purifies the body. How? Their reasoning goes like this.

* As you are drinking hot water, your body temperature rises slightly.
* To maintain its average 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, your body begins to perspire. Perspiration is its method of cooling itself.
* Perspiration induced by drinking hot water flushes toxins from your body, helping to purify your bloodstream.
* Additionally, drinking hot water helps remove deposits in the nervous system. These deposits are believed to have a negative effect on thoughts and emotional responses.
* By drinking hot water, you can thus purify mind and body.

To purify yourself, try drinking hot water once or twice a week. The water should be very warm so you will begin to perspire, but it should not burn your mouth. You should begin to sweat as your body tries to lower its temperature. When you stop sweating, try drinking hot water again to balance your temperature.

Nasal Cavity Clearance

Drinking hot water can also be effective in clearing nasal cavities. If you are ill, drinking hot water can make you feel less congested. The water vapor causes the buildup in nasal cavities to loosen.

Why not coffee or tea? Drinking hot water gives you the warmth without dehydrating you as a caffeine drink will.

If drinking hot water plain is unappetizing to you, add a slice of lemon.


  1. mmm,know i know the benefit of drinking warm water, thanks for sharing bro

  2. Thats just like it if i drink water ice hehe...

  3. Agrre with u, mas acrom...hehehehe...

  4. this is very great info, i like this


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