Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Good News: Why Don't We Write Handwritten Letters to our Friends! It's Great!

When the last time you make handwritten letters to your family, friends, or business partner? For me it was about 4 years ago. This art is being vanished slowly by rapid increase of email using and greater cell phone technology. But it still has superiority and so meaningful.

On an handwritten letter, you have not only the forms of the letters used, but the texture, the color, the size, the smell, the noise from the paper, you have also the envelop you need to open, you have the stamps, in fact, many many small details who can't be compared to a perfect screen of a computer.

No handwriting font or font technology could replace the warmth and human quality of handwriting. It's the direct, physical act of writing that makes it so unique, so human.

Nonetheless, nothing expresses respect for another like a handwritten letter, and no love e-mail, text message or cell phone call will ever be carefully bundled into a memory box and savored for years to come. In a world that thrives on acceleration, the handwritten letter calls us to a time more deliberate, elegant, and gracious.

So, Why don't we write handwritten letters to our friends. It's great!

Written By: Buyung Al amin


  1. lebih cepet ngetik aja plok,,, hahahaha,, klo nulis bisa2 tangan kriting,,,, jiakakakkak

  2. I'm letter a word is fast ...
    aq gak tau bahasa inggrisss...wkwkwwkw...

  3. Ribet atuh, kalo pake surat mesti beli amplop sambil perangko dloe akang....... Cabooeeeeeetttt

  4. saya dah lama nda coba kirim surat lewat POS

  5. mmm, handwriting nowdays? seem not very practical

  6. wah,, aku harus kursus bahasa inggris dulu nech,,,

  7. nice post and article brother teplok.. visit back my blog n comment.. misi selesai

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