Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good News : Happy Birthday me!!!!

Today is the 20th birthday of Teplok's member named Buyung Al amin, and fortunatelly it's me myself mine (hmmmm...). My mom said that I was born in september, but in my identity card written october, sooo this is an uncertainity, LOL!.

But I've decided to follow what my mom said, and now it's time to make a wish, but wait... I seem not to make just a wish, I wanna make wisheeessss!! yaaaaayyyyy!!!

Firstly Thanks to Allah, My All, my everything, he's given me one-fifth time of a century to live freely on this earth. And Then my mom and dad, I wish you both proud to have me ^_^. And the ten brothers, thanks for being born from the same womb and live together passing all the troubles through anger, laugh and even love!

And All my friends, especially in Teplok where we grow up our mind together and help each others.

The last I wanna give thanks to the reader of this blog, thanks for appreciating, sighing, adoring, commenting, jeering (have u? lol) and everything. Thank youuuuu!!!!


  1. heeee. ultah gw jg bln september. heee. :)
    lm knl yach :)

  2. met ultah sob
    met panjang umur dan dimudahkan rezekinya

  3. happpy b'day 2 U my friends...

    good post n nice site... good lck

  4. selamat ulang tahun sob semoga panjang umur dan banyak rejekinya cepet dapet jodoh juga xixiixixi

  5. happy b-day, meski telat sehari^^


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