Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good News : Eat Using Hand? No problem!

Have you ever eaten using your hand? I do it in each meal time. Traditional society in Indonesia prefer to eat using hand than using spoons or forks. I try to find it myself why I do it too and get some reasons and benefits of eating with hand. Here they are:

1. It's so simple, using hand makes us easier to take some foods or mix the flavors.
2. Make food more delicious, it's because we can mix the flavor completely.
3. It's healthier, I had ever read that upon our fingers there's an important chemical compound that affect to our health. So when we're using hand to eat we put that chemical compound inside the body.
4. It builds good solidarity, why? it's a natural things, it's fun, it's the sign of freedom of yourself. When you eat by spoon it looks more formal, too much rules, and not making free at all.

So try this! it's fun especially when you eat together with friends in one big plate using your hand!

Note: Absolutely you have to wash your hand to do this :)


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