Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good News: Complaining? Yes You Need

It's really hard when we try to resist complaining about anything bad around us. Sometimes it's just like hiding a ready-to-blast bomb inside our head and make bad feelings. This is a natural thing.

Humans have a capability to see the right and the wrong. When we see anything disorder, our brain immediately knows it and then show image of correction inside our head and force us to do it, then if we can't correct it and being disturbed, it gets us irritated. This is one of the reason why we need to complain.

When does complaining become a good thing?

Complaining is not resemble to the anger. Complaining becomes so useful if we do it creatively. Creative complaining isn't attached by anger, it's just to show how to do something well and point the wrong then being corrected. That's it!

Creative complaining is healthy for individuals and groups. It exposes problems, generates actions to correct them, and keeps people’s energy high. As the process continues, people get honest about their resistance. It lets them hold new and unfamiliar changes at arm’s length until they realize it won’t hurt them. As we deal with new things, our actions become more positive, and defenses aren’t needed.

By way of summary, creative complaining means:
  • Be brief
  • Be clear
  • Be honest
  • Be humble and use humor
  • Avoid hurtful words.

What are the benefits of complaining?

One benefit is venting bad feelings. It really works for me, when everything gets right it feels like that the God loves us because we do it well!

Another benefit of complaining is that it highlights what’s wrong. If we don’t know something is broken, we can’t fix it. So complaining airs the problem. When I complain about something at home or work, I’ve developed a habit of stating the complaint once and then shutting up. Next I determine what I can do and take steps to correct it. Even if I can’t completely fix the problem, doing small things helps me feel better. Eventually, whatever I complained about is no longer broken; I’ve done what I can. If I can’t fix it, I think about something else.

Complaining brings people together in a common cause. And that is usually good because of the energy it generates. But gathering chronic complainers spreads negativity. Breaking the cycle means limiting the amount of time spent complaining. Keep time, and allow five minutes for complaints. When time expires, complaining stops; focus on what you can do. It’s been shown that when people act on a small part of a problem, they improve their well being and lower stress.

And that's all! So, if you want to complain, become smart on doing it and it won't take you into along bad feelings but satisfaction.


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