Friday, August 21, 2009

Good News : One million Environmental cleaner cars coming on the streets.

In 2020,we can see one million electricity-driven cars from running on the streets in Germany.
There comes good news for the companies like BMW and Folkswagon, that the environment is happy with this product.

The German Cabinet on Wednesday gave green signal to the plan of electric cars.

As per the plan,in Germany,there we can see one million electric cars running on the streets, just by 2020 .

Now the German Government is making resesrch in this area ,so in this case, the German companies can come ahead than the Asian companies.

Germany's Transport Ministers Tifensi Volfgang said, We have full confidence that we will reach to the better environmental condition in the German.
As soon as possible,We are trying to make power-driven vehicles,as the common part of life.

By this news we'll find not only in German these cars will be on the street, but they will be in whole world. Nowadays, using an electric car is included in a way out of keeping this earth fine because it won't produce pollution parts and make the air healthier without the dangerous carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

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