Friday, August 21, 2009

Good News : "Active Cloaking" : A New Technology to decrease the destructions by Earthquakes

A good news came from a new technology called "Active Cloaking" that may provide a side effect that will keep earthquakes from destroying buildings…

The technology was originally being researched to provide a better way to make fighter jets more stealthy. The concept is much the same as noise cancelling systems used in headphones and aircraft noise reduction systems.

It’s long been known that waves can be reduced or eliminated by sending a reverse of the wave against it – noise cancelling headphones work by sending a “counter" frequency to neutralize the unwanted sounds.

Earthquakes are very large waves that travel through the earth and when they strike a building, cause it to move, which causes the building to collapse – the idea is to use wave generators that will counter those waves and keep the building from moving…

The same concept is also being researched to see if generators could counter ocean waves that create tsunamies.

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