Friday, February 01, 2013

New Member Recruitment: Creating Creative Creator


Teplok is a community based on basic entrepreneur activity including ideas making, program planning, character building and the implementation of the ideas, aimed to create the youth that will be able to face the business world in the future.

As we want to start running this community again, we would like to invite you to join with us as the new member of Teplok. New members who are to be accepted will be about 5 members and have to fulfill these requirements:
  • Male/Female 18 - 25 years old 
  • Highly self motivated, able to work independently 
  • Pleasant, strong communication and negotiation skills 
  • Effective individual contributor and team player 
  • Having ability to write and make proposal 
  • Living in Banjarbaru, Kalimantan Selatan
  • Having a uniqueness, strong characteristic and personality 

Teplok doesn't serve any kind of payment or salary for the members, all will be counted if Teplok has had any profitable business that running. The community will run as the preparation to face the bigger scale of business world. The only benefits you will get in the beginning are intensive training, knowledge and any other capabilities. The success will follow.

Interested? Please send email to or call/text to 085230853177.


  1. Well done,I agree with you and want to say thanks to you for sharing this great info with us.

  2. bagus sekali infonya terima kasih sob..salam sukses

  3. terima kasih banyak untuk informasi yang bermanfaat ini

  4. Thak You Makasih Artikel ya BAGUS Pak Admin

  5. ok, Thak You Makasih Artikel ya BAGUS Pak Admin


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