Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Do We Need Telling You More Good News in Global Categories?

Hi readers! Nice to meet you today, Is today your greatest day? I hope so :) . Well, I'm gonna be asking you about how this Online Magazine should be to make it look better. So far, as you know, we only posted many good news about life and some maybe about simple activities that have a lots of advantages you never known before. We know by doing this, one day we'll have drought of sources and inspirations to make those posts.

So we try to find some ways out to solve this problem and gonna need to ask to you to make any changes of Teplok's good news style. We have an idea to not post only the good news about life universally, but also personally and some really good news we get around us, just like some previous posts, for example we're gonna post about newest good technology, newest good products, newest good news about humanity, environment, politics, and etc.

What do you think about this? Should we or no? We need your opinion on this... Thanks All!

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