Monday, October 26, 2009

Notice: Teplok Can Be Translated over 52 Languages

Hi readers, How are you today? I hope you're fine as well. I just want to inform you today that Teplok is available in over 52 languages by using the latest Google Translator. I'm posting this notice because there are so many readers who comments to Teplok said that they don't understand in english. And this is the way out!

Above is the appearance of Google Translator that is located at top right of the blog.

Just click on it and you can find the options of the languages, try Indonesian as example.

This feature will not jump you into a new tab, it's processed in the same tab and done just in a minute. So, you shouldn't complain that you don't understand the contents. Google translator is the best translator ever which will translate to the nearest meaning though it can't perfectly set the words as well. But so far, it's so helpful!

Try it!


  1. Ini info keren sahabat, langsung di unduh aja..

  2. kucoba dulu kang teplok..mantab nieh transaltenya..52 langsung lho


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