Monday, September 28, 2009

Good News: Teplok Good Words was being launched! Join with us now!

Today we tried to spread our wings by launching Facebook Page of Teplok called Teplok Good Words. This kind is different from Teplok Good News Blog. Teplok Good Words will be more touching to life by giving some words that will make you feel better of yourself. It's a kind of self-improvement program. We try to make everyone proud of themselves and start the day with huge smile on their face.

Is it a happiness to you when you see someone you love smiles and being proud of his/herself, isn't it? And sure it's a happiness for her/him to see you smile and being proud of yourself.

We'll try our best to serve you on this, and we really need your help to do the same by submitting your great words to us through email (the address is below every posts) or wall post.

Teplok Good Words also serves you to promote your blog post to all members, and the terms quietly simple: your post must be a good news to everyone. Just email us or contact to the administrator.

In addition, to make easier and more understandable, we'll write words with 2 laguages, Indonesian and english.

So this is the time for becoming happy!!! Join with Us! and light everyone!


  1. semangat kang biar banyak penggemarnya

  2. semanbat deh kang.. aku banyak loh udah

  3. hope that for a better future on Teplok Good Words

  4. Makasih semuanya atas dukungannya yang sangat berarti :) I LOVE YOU FULL! hehehe

  5. Good one on Self Improvement and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Positive thinking


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