Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good News : Screaming as loud as you can! and your stress will go away!

It's not a secret how highlights screaming can be so effective to reduce our stress. So many people agree of this statement because everyone can do it themselves. Some studies find that highlights screaming is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to reduce stress and increase your chances of passion between the sheets.

And The research assessed the physiological and physical benefits of having a good scream and the results were very positive for both domestic and work scenarios. All 10 of the volunteers in the study had their stress levels fall sharply following a brief scream and couples reported feeling more loving and passionate towards one another afterwards.

Other key benefits from screaming highlighted in the report include:
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Reducing tensions
  • Feeling less inhibited
  • Burning off calories
  • Drawing couples together
  • Feeling more energetic and exhilarated
The problem is, in today's society, there are very few acceptable opportunities for letting out a full-throated scream. However, you still can freely do this such as going to a beach, mountain or even in your bed room. Screaming whether at home, at work or in the car will leave a you in a better frame of mind to cope with life's unavoidable stresses and strains and could even put the passion back into an uninspiring sex life.


  1. pertamaxx..!! jgn lupa tendangan baliknya! nice info dah gan!

  2. tuklik yuk sob...biar cepet cair GA nya....

  3. i like to scream sometimes but not always hheheh

  4. i want screaming loud here in my room now
    thanks for info n tips, i hope this make me relax n enjoy

  5. You have 1 message for tips love..


  6. artikel yang gan sajikan sangat mantep gan
    salam sukses gan

  7. good article sob... thanks udah sharing

  8. Mantap bro ....
    walaupun gak tau artinya,,
    Lanjutkan !!!
    Om canel.

  9. @dheny : seeep
    @mas tukdit >> seeeep
    @bu guyu...>>> i can't imagine how this world will be when we always scream, hahaaah
    @bang ocim, me tooooooooooooo
    @mas acroom>> You Have 1 message from Densus88, hahahahah
    @bbb >> makasih, sama-sama
    @jaya>> you're welcome
    @om canel >>> hehehe, yg penting komen, hahahah. lanjutGaaaan!!!!

  10. saya suka pada saat tertentu saja sobattttt

  11. @mas doyok, sama mas, kalo terus2an juga aneh kan jadinya :D

  12. Nice info mas teplok, sukses selalu

  13. bener banget tuh mas... buat ngelepas semua stres ada baiknya teriak sekenceng kencengnya.. :( apalagi klu teriaknya di telinga nenek2 renta seumuran saya :( ho ho ho..

  14. Bener tuch bang, aq juga sering teriak-teriak kalo lagi stres. tapi teriaknya di gunung, klo d rumah bisa dimarahin sama tetangga ntar. wkwkwkwkwk

  15. dengan berteriak sekenceng-kencengnya,, bisa nurunin beban/stress. bisa kembali happy.

  16. @kang sur >> makasih akang, sukses juga buat akang
    @opung >> hahahaha, yg ada nenek2nya yg streess opung, hahah
    @hitler >>> seep, klo di rumah entar dikira ada kebakaran lagi :D:D:D
    @ruri yap!
    @kang asep >> adu muka kang, hahahah

  17. Yea,datz ryt. Id eva tried 2 scream in bathroom.And my bro gt anger of it n said,"Ur voices stress me and i cant absorb my reading at all,moron...."


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