Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Good News : Let's have a glass of plain water in the morning

Some people say that by drinking a glass of plain water after waking up in the morning may help us healthier.

Early in the morning, there are some enzymes inside our mouth that when flushed down together with the water into our bodies, will benefit our general health.Also, plain (good quality) water will aid in the detoxification process that takes place in the morning.

And drinking plain water in the morning is to begin digestion/metabolism which in turn burn calories, which, decreases glucose levels even not have use to cure diabetic.Though it doesn't have many supports but some claim that drinking plain water regularly can lose their body weight.


  1. In the first time........

    waw good news brothers
    Thanx inform your listing...


  2. emang dengan air putih kita bisa mencegah penyakit2, air putih juga dapat menetralisir racun yang masuk didalam tubuh kita

  3. Indeed water is very useful to the body, so many doctors and health experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Very useful information... Thanks <---- Untung ada google translate :)


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