Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good News : Advantages of Solar Power - Why Not Use it in Your Home?

With the increasing awareness that fossil fuels are quickly becoming depleted, we need to start focusing on renewable sources of energy. Solar power is one of the most viable options. Of course, this is no surprise. Using the power of the sun has been around in some form since the dawn of time and there are many advantages of solar power for homes.

The sun's energy is renewable. This means that no matter how much we use, we will never deplete this resource. This is in sharp contrast to the dwindling supply of fossil fuels we use.

Also, unlike fossil fuels, energy from the sun does not harm the environment. There are no byproducts of solar power that leach into the air and create pollution or contribute to greenhouse gasses. In addition, acquiring the power is not intrusive to the environment like some other forms of energy. About the most intrusive part would be the solar panels which are well suited in most areas to fit snugly on the roof.

When generating energy from the sun to power your home, you can be a self contained unit. While it might not be practical in some areas to rely solely on the sun for power, other, less developed, areas might benefit immensely by being able to power homes with the sun without having to install power plants and run electrical cables. In areas where there is not enough sunlight for household needs, systems can be setup so that you can hook into the electrical grid during those times when more energy is needed.

While installing a solar power system for your home can be expensive at first, you will eventually see a savings because as time goes on you will reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill. And with readily accessible solar power home kits on the market, the barriers to entry are minimal. One particularly well put together step-by-step guide is Earth4Energy.

After the initial costs, generating power from the sun is free. So, once you have your collection and storage systems set up, you will reap the benefits not only in monthly savings but also in the benefits to our planet. These advantages of solar power make a commitment to using solar power the most sensible decision you can make to minimize your dependence on fossil fuels.

With a little bit of time and no specialized expertise, you can reduce your dependency on fossil fuels with a cost-efficient residential solar power system. Sign up for a free six-part mini-course and learn more at

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