Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good News : How to make your eyes stay health? Just Play Games!

Nowadays there's so many games made every year, and the genres of games are developing rapidly. In this case, games will catch more gamers to play facing the computer. As we all know that facing the computer for long time is not a good habit, especially for eyes health. But new research found that games can make our eyes healthier.

How does it work? It depends on what kind of games we play, a good game for eyes health is the active motion game that leads our eyes to move its muscles more. Some games have fast move to play, they make our eyes active moving from side to side and take the eyes muscles some exercises.

However, this is not always good whenever we play games too much and waste so much times in front of the computer. Our eyes will get tired if it moves for long time. So we can decide wisely how long exactly games can keep our eyes health.

The effective time is about 30-60 minutes a day and you'll get the advantages of playing games.

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