Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good News : Maybe We're not Alone in this Universe (Mars comes alive)

NASA scientists are now at the threshold of what may be a start of new Era in Human life history.According to the scientists working on the mission of finding life on our Earth's neighbour Mars"The red planet" they have got very close to discovering alien life in Mars.

Scientists are now planning an expedition to Mars to find alien life who are now believed to live under the planet's surface.

"We will have to drill the rock to bring up water or sample of rock" geology expert LIsa Pratt has said.

The long-going mission was refuelled after NASA scientists confirmed the report published in THE SUN magazine that the methane gas propelled at the surface of Mars was by microbes.

At a live press conference professor MIchael Mumma told"We are entering a new era.There wa life at Mars or still there is.There is a lot to find out and discover".

Huge plumes of methane gas was found on Mars,the gas which is produce by food breakdown and metabolism from animals.The methane gas may be produced by living organisms or from the decaying body of dead organisms.

This is the closest man has come to prove that extra-terrestial life exists.But unfortunately the ultimate discovery won't happen anytime soon as scientists now have to drill several meters down the surface of Mars to see the possibility of living organism.

Many people have neglected the report saying that the gas may be produced by some volcanic activity but scientists claim that its cannot be due to volcanic activity as other gases like Sulphurdioxide which is most prominent product of volcano was not found in Mars.

Scientists say that the Mission wil take till 2011 to come to a conclusion and solve the mysteries of The REd Planet which has beeen a major subject of study for scientists for many years now.

Hope we can soon meet our friends from Mars.My hello to all u MARSIANS.

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