Friday, August 14, 2009

Good News : A MAJOR Discovery that will produce Oxygen on the Moon

Oxygen is included in main factors to indicate that a place has a living. As far as I know the only planet has oxygen to build life is our earth because we can find so many being produces oxygen here such as plants, bacterias and etc. But some people believe that we need a new place to have living, this opinion based on the decline of our earth because of climate change, pollutions, disaster and others reasons.

So researchers tried to find the new place where we can build lives or at least a thing which can produce breathable oxygen. Some opinions choose mars as a new place. But the moon is the nearest places that researchers have been decided. And that may be true.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have built a small reactor (1 meter in height) that will produce BREATHABLE Oxygen from lunar rocks.

This reactor has an electrochemical process that extracts metals and alloys from metal oxides found in the lunar rocks has been developed.

The oxygen produced will provide not only breathable oxygen, but can be used as fuel for power generation or propulsion systems.

So this would be the way out of starting living in a new place.


  1. nice post sob, gimana kabarnya nih... masih semangat utk terus posting kan?? aku tunggu yah....

  2. aku udah coba safe halamanmu jadi pdf dan jadi:D

  3. Kabar baeek mas, apalagi klo liat tutorial di blog mas doyok, heeheheehe. Sya ndak tau ternyata ada yg komen di postingan ini, heheheh. Safe pdf mau ngetest ya mas? wkwkwk


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