Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good News : The Benefits of Crying: Go Ahead and Cry

When was the last time you cried? While crying has always been associated with weakness, hurt, and emotional injury, it is never really embarrassing to cry. What most people do not know is that crying is just another form of expression of feelings, just like laughing, smiling, or being angry.

As some people would attest to, shedding a few tears, now and then, has been found to be quite beneficial to the ordinary fellow. It may seem hard to believe at first. But some swear it to be true. When it all boils down to it though, one realizes that there's no apparent need for such attestations when the purported benefits are right there before our very eyes to bear witness to.

Crying, for one thing, does seem to serve as a nice way of getting those heavy feelings off our chests - all those failures and heartbreaks, just to name a few. We go through them over and over again, throughout our entire lives. And all this time, what has been the best way we've come to find insofar as dealing with them is concerned? Why through crying, of course. There are just not enough words to describe that sensation we get after one big bawling out session. The release. All those tension gone. It's but a small price to pay, really, for such a rewarding opportunity.

Then again, there's no need to limit its uses only to negative sentiments. After all, it's no secret that tears are by no means a rarity in those happier episodes of our lives. At these times, the effect intended and created is not so much as to put away a burdensome feeling, but rather to make the moment all the more special. That much more memorable. What with the puffy eyes. The upside is just that too overwhelming.

These are just some of the things we have to take into consideration the next time we feel a vulnerable moment coming along. We need to remember that it's probably not all that bad. Quite the opposite, it's more likely that it'll help us cope with the situation rather than make it worse than it already is. If anything, it'll at least pave the way for us to express ourselves to those people around us. Something we ought to be doing, in the first place, crying or not.

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  1. Seingat saya, teakhir kali saya menanggis waktu saya diputusin sama cewek. Sakitnya minta ampun :((

  2. for a good reason it is true that it is never really embarrassing to cry
    nice post bro


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