Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good News : 1st of it's kind: H1N1 flu vaccine

Those paranoid by the H1N1 flu outbreak now have reasons to rejoice.

Swiss drug-maker Novartis AG has successfully created the first batch of H1N1 flu vaccine, the 1st in the world, to counter the Influenza A (H1N1) virus, a day after the World Health Organisation(WHO) raised the alert level and declared a pandemic.

After much research and testing with wild type H1N1 strains, they discovered a quicker way to make vaccine, through cell-based rather than egg-based production. The company hopes to produce millions of doses per week, to meet the urgent demand for the maintenance and stability of the virulent outbreak. A spokesman for the Swiss drug specialist announced that the vaccine will be ready for use by late September to early October this year.

Though the virus seems mild at this stage, health experts fear the current flu outbreak could cause deaths through complications and become deadly as mutation of the H1N1 strains are imminent.

For the record, according to the WHO's latest tally, the statistics stands at: 28,700 confirmed infections in 74 countries to date with 144 deaths in total worldwide.

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