Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good News : Paint Your Roof White, it will reduce Global Warming

"How Can?" it's the common question will come out from everyone that first time to know this. Yes it can. Here is the explanation.

Global warming is the increasing of earth temperature because of the blanket of CO2 on the atmosfer. It will trap the sun light and its heat inside the earth and heating the temperature. This can be bad for our earth, there are a lot of negative things happen to the earth. And one of them is the melting of the ice in the arctic.

The ice is functionally as the mirror that reflects back the sun light and make it out, so that our earth will have no change on temperature. It has function like that because of its color of white. White color has capability to reflect all the colors spectrum and the heat. The melting of the ice in arctic is decreasing this color capability so the temperature will be getting higher and higher.

If it's the power of the white color that can reflect back the heat inside. We can make it ourselves and help the earth to do the same thing. The most useful way is to white our roof. This can be a great white roof movement because this can't be done just by one house. We need many houses with white roofs so it has function as same as the ice.

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  1. This situation is just like every summer, when it is advisable to wear light-colored shirts (especially white) to lessen the effect of the heat. Well, if that's the case, painting your house all-white is a thumbs-up. The only concern is it should be re-painted from time to time.


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