Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good News : Indonesia Unite is The 1st Trending Topic on Twitter

If you log in to your twitter account, you will see that #indonesiaunite became the top trending topic today. It's a social organization made by someone (I don't know who)just about 23 hours ago. This United had been becoming popular since the bombings happened in two International Hotels in Jakarta. The United says "KAMI TIDAK TAKUT" means "We are not afraid". It seems that these words are pointed to the terrorist did the explotion yesterday. The words based on A Pandji Pragiwaksono's song with the same words as the song's title.

I checked Indonesia Unite to facebook and I found it too. Followed by more than twenty five thousand people it has a great power to lift the spirit up after the terror. What a great united followed by thousand people in only less than 23 hours.
They also have job such as spreading Good news about Indonesia to the whole world by social networking mainly by twitter which has special twibbon imaged by the flag of Indonesia.

Tomorrow they will be in TVOne. Check them out!

I hope this united will be long live. Go Indonesia!!!

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